Lockdown 2020: Queerantine

Pink Canvas Project chose their inaugural exhibit theme of ‘Lockdown 2020: Queerantine’ to showcase artists expressing themselves through their artwork during this pandemic. To #SupportQueerArtists, artist websites, online shops, Redbubble, Patreon, etc. links are featured prominently to encourage visibility for the artists, creatives and makers whose work, teaching, gallery exhibitions, and sales have been affected.

While COVID-19 had an unprecedented effect on the daily lives of everyone across the world, the virus also had a disproportionate impact on LGBTQ+ people.

For some, self-isolation means being cut off from their chosen families, and much needed contact with their support networks. Everyday, we’re hearing stories worldwide about how this virus has reared an ugly head on continued discrimination towards our community – from homophobic media coverage of the outbreak from a South Korean gay club, to restrictions on gay blood bans, even during this critical time of blood shortages with COVID-19 antibodies.

The virus has inevitably left many of us feeling unsure about the future, and we saw expressions of loneliness, self-love, understanding, gratitude in the artwork submitted. We hope you enjoy viewing this virtual exhibit as much as we had curating and connecting with creators.

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